There's no need to be rude.

Weird, for the first time I encountered someone who acted rude in a meeting. Not quite sure they were truly mean or simply acted like it. This sort of person who doesn't smile. Who cuts you off. Who openly tells you they're not interested in what you are showing. Why are they even there? What drives them? I'm genuinely interested. Are they so driven by their objective that they forget to bring even a sprinkle of humanity in their interactions? Or maybe they just like being patronising. Actually, patronising isn't even the word. Arrogant? Just being an a—hole actually. I will definitely remember that meeting.

Which actually gets me thinking, does it help them to act that way? I wonder if they are more likely to get what they want. I mean, if they are that straight to the point, surely they must get things done faster than anyone else. Could you imagine being in their team? I would dread working in a team with such a manager. But would it be a highly performing team? I'm really interested. It might, but only if they're not just an a—hole. If they are smart and mean well, then cutting the crap anytime you can even if you sound rude might be a good thing in some situations. Or is it? I don't know. Maybe it's only short term. You scare people off so they will do what you ask them to do. That's not how you earn respect.

Oh well. I think some people just need to chill out.