Opening a tiny take-away coffee shop

Part of the non-exhaustive list of cool things to do series.

Not technically a take-away because it would have an interior place with only a single table and two stools. I'm imagining a fireplace on the side — yes, it has to be the coziest coffeeshop ever. On the menu, only black filter coffee but a different one every now and then. It has to be good. In there there would be a small book-sharing shelf. Get a coffee, pick a book, bring a book. The sort of place you would go in and instantly feel warm and at home. Working there should be simple. Make good coffee. Serve good coffee. Connect with people. It should be low-key. It has to. Far from instagram and shallowness. Of people pretending they have coffee for the picture and throwing it away after. Oh yeah and the other thing: there's no way to make money with such a project. If we serve 20 cups a day at $2 each we'd make $40. That's a monthly revenue of $1.2k. If we remove the taxes and rent I'm not sure to even break even. But we can dream right?