But I still HAVE no HAVE. No one is counting on me. I get traffic/readers, which I am grateful for, but not HUGE numbers. I don't run ads, I don't make money from this, I have access to no special privileged information nor insight. Just me, hammering out one text line after the other.

And that's great. You don't write for traffic, nor for a readership. You write for yourself. At least that's what I do. There's a certain therapeutic feel in writing, a way to cope through the day and structure thoughts. Even better writing in the open, but not because people are reading, just because you know people are reading it, and it forces you to be open and honest with the world and yourself. And at times you get to have people like me that reply in an open and honest way as well. So don't look at the numbers, they don't matter. What matters is what you write, and how you feel after writing.