An online speakeasy

It's still the morning, but I'm pretty sure it's the the evening somewhere. It may be a Tuesday, but weekend is there soon enough. My life for the last few month (years?) have been a succession of sprints. Running toward something or away from something else, I'm not sure. Perhaps both. It's been almost a year since I've last posted here, and the real reason is that it's because I've been very busy. Busy with life, and busy running toward creating this idea of online speakeasy: a place to unwind and exchange with friends or strangers and talk about your day, while asking the barman for a virtual old fashioned. Or Perrier, not all problems are solved with alcoholic beverage! I've seen deep and meaningful engagement between people on read.write and it's inspired me so much that I wanted to push the concept even further. So that's what I've been developing for months. So if you want to drop by, type and you should see a door. Tell them “miso” sent you and they'll let you in. As for me, I'll go get another coffee.